Superman is not the greatest hero of all time. The man of steel gets weak at the knees and butterflies at the sight of Lois Lane. Struck by Cupid’s bow, stronger then Thor’s hammer the greatest hero of all succumbs to Cupid because love begets love.

This is Cupid’s call for Champions to sponsor a Sadie Hawkins dinner & dance at Valentine’s 2023 to help the Eureka Support Society

Raising funds for mental health investment create lifelong benefits for our community with memorable events like the Eureka Trading Days in 2007 which created lifelong friendships. Our 2023 Sadie Hawkins dinner & dance will bring the healing power of dance back to our community. When Cupid releases the arrows of love into a world awaiting a quiet return to a green renaissance for feel good stories of all kinds.

Please see our donate page to make a contribution that directly impacts fundraising for our registered charity of choice, the Eureka Support Society

Lighthouse Bright

Discography Demo

A Nine song demo of songs created by our secret laboratory of minstrels. Who worked tirelessly slaving away to bring music to our friends.

Lighthouse Bright

I saw your graceful stride alight

Upon great waves lighthouse bright

Image cast upon a stage

Without doubt eternally brave


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